How To Select All Worksheets In Excel To Group Them: 3 Methods - How To Select All Worksheets In Excel. When we want to hide sheets in excel, give them colors, duplicate or copy them, delete, and other options, we have to select them first. After we select the excel worksheets, then we can do what we want to do.

But to rename worksheets in excel, we have to do one by one after select all worksheets because the name of every excel sheet has to be different.

We can't use the same name in two or more sheets in excel, in one workbook.

When we try to rename an excel sheet with the existing name, there will appear a notification: "cannot rename a sheet to the same name as another sheet, a referenced object library or a workbook referenced by visual basic".

When the notification like that appears in the excel workbook, but we can't see the excel sheet that has used that name, it maybe has been hidden with very hidden sheets.

To view a very hidden worksheet, please read: How to Unhide Very Hidden Worksheet.

3 Methods To Select All Worksheets in Excel To Group Them

It is easy to select an excel sheet one by one, by clicking the sheet's name. After that, we can move, copy, insert, delete, or make color to our sheet.

If we want to select all worksheets in ms excel, here are the ways;

#1. The easiest way: right-click and then choose select all sheets

The easiest way to select all the excel sheet is by right click on the excel sheet, and then in the appearing window, choose Select All Sheets like below:

How To Select All Worksheets In Excel To Group Them 3 Methods
select all sheets in excel
After that, we have a group of excel sheets, that can be ungrouped by right click and then choose Ungroup Sheets.

After we click Ungroup Sheets, the sheets unselected all again, become a separate sheet, not a group anymore.

ungroup the selected worskheets
ungroup the selected worskheets

So don't be worry to ungroup them every time yo want to and every time you can group them again.

#2. How to select all worksheets in excel using shift key

In the second method, we can use our keyboard to select all worksheets in excel.

To do that here is step by step:
  • Click one of the sheets, for example I click excel.
  •  Press Shift Key in your keyboard, hold, and then click another sheet one by one, the sheet that you want to select.
  • After that, automatically, the sheets that you've clicked, become a group.
  • To ungroup, just right click and then click Ungroup Sheets.

The benefit of the second method is, we can select not of all sheets, just the sheets that we want to select.

When we use the first method, we just can select all of the excel sheets.

#3. Select all sheets using a keyboard (CTRL key)

The third method is just like the second method.

But, we use the Ctrl key rather than the Shift key.

  • Click one of the sheets.
  • hold CTRL key in the keyboard.
  • click other sheets that we want to select, one by one.

Those are 3 ways to select all worksheets in excel without VBA for beginners who want to learn excel. Read: How To Insert New Sheets In Excel.

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