How To Insert New Sheet In Excel, Add One or Multiple Worksheets In 3 Easiest Ways - How to insert sheet in excel. One of the basics tutorials for beginners who want to learn excel online is, how to add one or multiple new worksheets in excel, to work with some worksheets.

When you open a new workbook in excel, in default, you'll get three worksheets with the name: sheet1, sheet2, and sheet3.

You can rename them if you want to.

To rename the sheet, just double click the name and then write your name there.

For example, I'll give my excel worksheet name: One, Two, and Three.

In working with excel, sometimes, we need more worksheets besides 3 worksheets that default excel gives to us.

So, we need to add some worksheets or insert multiple or one sheet.

Here, I want to show you, how to add one and multiple worksheets in excel in 3 easiest ways.

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3 Easiest Ways To Add or Insert New Sheet in Excel

If you have any data to be written in excel, maybe you need more sheets, so you have to insert it.

Rather than write in the new workbook, add some worksheet is the best way to gather the same data without separate it.

Below are some ways to add excel worksheet:

1. Add new excel sheet just in one click

First, you can add a new worksheet, by just one click in your excel workbook.

To do this:
  • in the right of the last worksheet, there is an "insert worksheet" icon.
    How To Insert New Sheet In Excel, Add One or Multiple Worksheets In 3 Easiest Ways
    Icon To Insert new Worksheet in excel
  • Click that icon to add one worksheet.
  • Click again if you want to add one, again and again, if you want to.
Very fast and easy.

2. Shortcut key in excel to insert a new worksheet.

The second easiest way to insert a new worksheet in excel is by using shortcut excel.

To add one sheet in excel, just press and hold Shift + F11 in your keyboard.

In some laptop or computer keyboard, maybe you have to hold Shift + Fn + F11 to add a new worksheet in excel.

After that, a new worksheet will appear before the active sheet.

You have to remember that shortcut if you want to add a new excel sheet faster.

3. Insert sheet in ms excel by right click and choose insert

The third way, to insert a new worksheet in excel, we can do it by right click and then choose insert option.

For example here, I want to insert a new sheet before sheet Two, so I click sheet two, right-click, and then I choose Insert.
how to add new worksheet in excel
Choose Insert to add one new sheet

Then I click Ok.

The new sheet appears before sheet Two.

Add Multiple Worksheets in Microsoft Excel

When we want to add some worksheets in excel, we can add it one by one or add them in one way.

To add some worksheet in one time, for example, I want to add 3 worksheets, here is the way:
  1. click sheet one.
  2. hold CTRL key in the keyboard, then click sheet two and three to add 3 worksheets.
  3. then right-click > insert.
    insert multiple sheets in excel
    insert three sheets in excel
  4. double click in worksheets option.
    insert many sheets in excel
  5. then, 3 sheets will appear that I've inserted.

Those are some easiest ways to insert a new sheet in excel or multiple with a shortcut key and by using an icon.

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