How To Duplicate an Excel Sheet To Another or New Workbook With Same Format - How To Duplicate an Excel Sheet. Working with excel, I often copy a worksheet excel to the same or new workbook to make my job faster. Rather than write a new worksheet, I choose to duplicate my work to a new worksheet, so I don't have to write it at once.

I duplicate my worksheet if I want to input a similar format or nearly similar data. After I copy my excel sheet, I just have to change little data, add or remove some columns or rows, give color to help may job, or something else.

Besides that, excel duplicate sheets multiple times can be done to make our job easier.

In this article, I want to share, how to copy an excel sheet to another sheet that I used to do in my work with Microsoft excel.

The Easiest Way, How To Copy Data From One Excel Sheet To Another (In The Same Workbook)

The first tutorial, I want to show to the beginners that want to learn ms excel, how to duplicate an excel sheet to another sheet, in the same workbook or in the same file of excel.

For example, you have excel file, named "Book1".

In your "Book1" excel file, there are some sheets, that you can rename it.

In standard, the name of excel sheet is sheet1, sheet2, sheet3, etc.

To rename it, you just have to double click on the name of sheet, and then write your name sheet.

If you want to copy your sheet1 to another worksheet in the same workbook (still in book1 file), here is the easiest way:

  1. Click the name of sheet1.
  2. right-click in your mouse or keypad > choose Move or Copy option.
    How To Duplicate an Excel Sheet To Another or New Workbook With Same Format
    Duplicate Excel Worksheet to Another
  3. new window task will appear.
  4. to book: choose book1 or your name file.
    how to copy excel sheet to another sheet
    move or copy sheet options
  5. before sheet: choose where your copy will appear, before which sheet. Example: I Choose before sheet3.
  6. Don't forget to checklist in the "Create a Copy" option.
  7. And then, click OK.
  8. Here is the result. I'll have Sheet1 (2) before sheet3 that I've chosen before.
    duplicate worksheet excel in the same workbook
    copy of sheet1 will appear before sheet3, like I've chosen before

That is how to copy excel sheet to another sheet with same format in the same workbook.

Very easy, right?

How To Copy Excel Sheet to Another Workbook Without VBA

For beginners, VBA is untouchable, so without VBA, for you, beginners that want to copy your sheet to another workbook or to another file, here is the way:
  1. Right-click on the sheet name that you want to duplicate > click Move or Copy option (as the picture before).
  2. In the "To Book" options, choose the name of the workbook destination that you want to copy of your sheet. If you open the workbook, the workbook's name will appear there, or you can choose (new book) to duplicate to a new book. I choose (new book) in this case.
    how to copy worksheet to another workbook in excel
    choose to which book that you want to copy
  3. then, choose before sheet, checklist "Create a copy" option and then click OK.
  4. Copy of sheet excel will appear in the new book that I've chosen before.
 Note: If we don't choose "Create a Copy" option, the excel sheet will be moved, not copied.

How To Copy Multiple Sheets In Excel To New Workbook

If earlier way, we copy one sheet to another sheet, in this way, we want to copy multiple sheets in excel.

We can copy some sheets in excel to the same workbook or another workbook.

In this example, I've named my excel sheet with one, two, three like this picture.

How To Copy Multiple Sheets In Excel To New Workbook
multiple sheets in excel

Here is the way to copy multiple sheets in excel:
  1. click sheet one.
  2. hold CTRL in your keyboard, and then click sheet two and three to group worksheet.
  3. right-click and choose move or copy options.
  4. To book: choose new book to copy to another workbook.
  5. don't forget to check box Create Copy.
  6. Click OK.
  7. The new book will appear with the same one, two and three sheet like in the workbook before.

Those are some ways to duplicate excel sheets, one and some sheets, to the same and another workbook easily that I used to do, without VBA. Very simple, like how to insert sheet in excel.

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