How To Change Sheet Tab Color In Excel And The Background - How To Change Sheet Tab Color In Excel. In Microsoft Excel, we've been introduced by part of excel that we have to know at the beginning like a cell, column, row, ribbon, shortcut, workbook, and worksheet.

In working with excel worksheets, we can adjust them like we want to.

We can work with one worksheet, two, three or many more by adding excel sheets, one by one or multiple worksheets at once.

We also can insert a sheet or multiple sheets between existing sheets.

In default, the excel sheet's name is sheet1, sheet2, sheet3, etc and we can rename it when we want to.

After we rename the sheets, we can also make them more colorful, attractive, and eye-catching, by adding color to them.

In excel default, the color background of the sheets tab is grey when we don't select them, and become white background when we select them.

You can see the excel sheet name background at the picture below:

How To Change Sheet Tab Color In Excel And The Background
How To Change Sheet Tab Color In Excel
The sheet's name appearance is not attractive enough and we can change it to the new looking.

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How To Make Excel Sheet's Name Background More Colorful

Ok, the easiest way to add color to our excel sheet's name is below:

  1. right-click on the sheet that we want to change the background color, for example, I choose sheet2.
  2. Then choose Tab Color > choose what color that you want to use. For example, I choose the red one.
    making excel sheet more colorful
    making excel sheet more colorful
  3. For the other sheet, I choose green for sheet1 and blue for sheet3. So, after I change my sheet background name color, I have an excel sheet view below:
    the excel sheet is more colorful now
    the excel sheet is more colorful now
  4. Now you can look at the difference between before and after I change the color. Which one is more attractive?

Adjust the Color

We can adjust the color by making it darker or other option by choosing more color in the color option, like below:

adjust the color more option
adjust the color more option
After that, you will see another window option for the color that you can choose.

The first option is standard color like this:

standard option color
standard option color
You can choose one of the colors that available there. So many colors option available on the window.

The second option, there is a custom color, right option beside standard color.

Like this:

costum option color
custom option color

You can choose the color and then adjust it by scrolling the darkness option in the right, like at the picture above.

The new and current color will be displayed in the bottom right corner like you can see in the picture above.

You can choose grey, yellow, brown, white, purple, and other option, as you want.

Change Worksheet Background With Shortcut

In default, in our worksheet, the background is white, and we can change it:
  1. hold Ctrl + A keyboard, to select all areas in the sheet.
  2. right-click our mouse.
  3. choose a background color option like this.
    change background sheet color
    change background sheet color
  4. for example, I choose red, then my worksheet's background will be displayed like this:
    new background sheet color
    new background sheet color
You can make it grey, yellow and other option as you want to.

Ok, that is the easiest way to change sheet tab color in excel and the background. Read: How To Unhide Multiple Sheets In Excel.

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