How To Hide And Unhide Sheet In Excel (View Hidden & Very Hidden Worksheet) - How to hide and unhide a sheet in excel to view hidden and very hidden worksheets. When we work with ms excel, sometimes we want to hide or unhide worksheets for some reason. In this article, I want to show to every beginner learner, how to unhide very hidden sheets in excel, unhide sheets in excel, accidentally hide entire excel workbook, and other tips and tricks.

At the example here, I rename my excel worksheets with one, two, three, four, etc. And then, after I hide my excel sheet, we can see that sheet anymore in the workbook that I have.

I want to show you too, that with shortcut keyboard, we can hide worksheets in excel.

3 Ways To Hide and Unhide Sheet In Excel

After I renamed my worksheets, then I want to hide them.

To rename the excel sheet, just double click the sheet name and then write the new name.

Here are my methods to hide and hide worksheets in excel:

1. The easiest way to hide & unhide sheet: right-click the sheet and then choose hide/unhide

As you can see below, I want to hide sheet one.

So, what I have to do to hide a single excel sheet:

  • right-click on the sheet one.
    how to hide a single sheet in exce
    how to hide a single sheet in exce
  • Choose hide
  • then, sheet one is not viewable in the workbook right now

To unhide the sheet, follow these steps:

  • right-click on one of the sheets.
    unhide single worskheet in excel
    unhide single worskheet in excel
  • choose unhide.
  • choose the sheet's name that wants to be unhidden, for example I choose One. Click OK.
    method to unhide excel sheet
  • The sheet one appears now in the book.

2. The method to hide and unhide multiple sheets in excel

To hide many worksheets at once, we just need to hold the SHIFT key or CTRL key in the keyboard in every sheet that we want to hide.

For example, I want to hide sheet one, two, three and four in one way, just in one task.

What I have to do is:
  • click sheet one, press and hold CTRL or SHIFT keyboard.
  • click sheet two, three, and four.
  • right-click and then choose hide.
    how to hide multiple sheets in excel
    how to hide multiple sheets in excel
  • All of the sheets that we've selected will be hidden in the workbook.
Note: we can hide all of the sheets. When we try to hide all of them, there will be a notification: "A Workbook must contain at least one visible worksheet. To hide, delete, or move the selected sheet (s), you must first insert a new sheet or unhide a sheet that is already hidden."

When we want to unhide the excel sheet with right-click method, we just can unhide them one by one, can not unhide them all in one way.

3. The longer way to hide and unhide sheet in xcel

We can also use menu in the Home > Cells > Format > Hide & Unhide > Hide Sheet or Unhide Sheet to hide and hide the excel worksheet.

Please look at the picture below:

menu to hide unhide excel sheet
menu to hide unhide excel sheet

How To Make Very Hidden Sheet in Excel and How to Unhide It With Shortcut Key

When we make the sheet is very hidden, we can unhide it with right-click and then choose unhide like we've discussed above.

Here are the steps to make very hidden worksheets in excel with shortcut key:
  • press Alt + F11 in your keyboard to open VBA in excel and then you will see like this:
    make very hidden sheet in excel with vba
    make very hidden sheet in excel with VBA
  • choose the sheet that you want to make very hidden. For example, I choose sheet one.
  • in the most down window, in the visible option, choose 2-xlsheetveryhidden
  • close the VBA window by use shortcut Alt + F11
  • and then you can see sheet one anymore and you can unhide it with right click method.
  • To unhide very hidden sheet, open VBA with Alt + F1 andt then choose the sheet that want to be unhidden, in the visible option, choose -1 - xlSheetVisible

Those are some methods to hide and unhide excel sheet(s) and how to make very hidden sheet and how to unhide it. Read: How To Insert Sheet In Excel.

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