How To Backup iPhone 6 to Computer Windows or Laptop - How to backup iPhone 6 to Computer Windows or Laptop. iPhone is one of the most popular smartphone in the world. There are so many people who use iPhone for their communications, browsing, chatting, messaging, and other purposes. Sometimes, we need to back up our iPhone data to make sure that our data are safe and can be accessed when we need. So if you use iPhone 6 too, you have to read how to backup iphone 6 to windows computer or how to backup iphone 6 to laptop.

It is important to backup data in iPhone before upagrade iOS, install aplication, or another activity related to iOS.

Backup iPhone 6 will make our data safe when something we don't expect happen to our iPhone 6.

To backup data form iPhone 6, we can backup iPhone to external hard drive, backup iPhone to icloud, or backup text message on iPhone or backup photos from iPhone.

Beside that, we also have to know how to backup contacts on iPhone and how to backup music on iphone 6.

Read This Guide: How To Backup iPhone 6 to Computer Windows or Laptop

For me, backup iPhone 6 to pc, computer, or laptop is very important before update iOS or install aplication in iPhone. Don't we want to lose data becuase of updating iOS in iPhone?

Preventing is better than fixing. How much disavantages when we lose our data? Maybe it will take more cost when we have to fix that than we just backup data on iPhone.

So, backup data on iPhone is really need to be done before we do something with iOS and our iPhone.

For backup data on iPhone, we can backup iphone 6 to iTunes or iphone 6 plus to iTunes and backup iphone 6 to iCloud.

1. How to backup iPhone 6 to computer with iTunes

The first guide to backup iPhone 6 to computer is by using iTunes. By using iTunes, we don't need internet conectivity to backup our iPhone, not for backup iPhone using iCloud.

how to backup iphone 6 to computer

To backup data in iPhone using iTunes, we have to follow these steps:
  • Download and install iTunes from Please install the latest version for better result. iTunes is free for windows and Mac OS.
  • Before we connect iPhone, open the iTunes and go to "Preferences", "Devices Tab", and then Check the box to Not sync automatically when a device is connected. This step will prevent the computer from overwriting our iPhone's storage.
  • Connect The iPhone to computer using the lightning cable to a USB port directly on the computer.
  • iTunes will detect our iPhone 6.
  • Click the Device Tab.
  • Click on "This Computer" for Automatically Backup.
  • And Then Click "Backup Now".
  • Wait untill backup process finish.

Another way, for connecting iPhone to iTunes, we can also use WiFi connection than USB cable.

With iTunes, you can also try how to backup iphone 6 to mac or how to backup iphone 6 to external hard drive.

2. How to backup iPhone to laptop using iCloud.

How to backup iphone 6 to computer without iTunes? The second way to backup iphone 6 to computer or laptop without iTunes is by using iCloud. This requires internet connection.

To backup iPhone using iCloud, please follow these steps:
  • Open iPhone, if you've not registered iCloud before, please make an iCloud Account in your iPhone.
  • After have an account, then go to "setting" on your iPhone, click your name and then sellect "iCloud".
  • Sellect "iCloud Backup".
  • Sellect "Backup Now".

Very easy, right? Please make sure that your internet connection is ok.

I think, that's it, How To Backup iPhone 6 to Computer Windows or Laptop. I hope you don't confuse anymore to backup your iPhone data to laptop or PC. Read: How To Back Up IPhone 6.

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